How can you make you taller?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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Q: How can you make you taller?
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Does food make you taller?

no food does not make you taller

If you skateboard does it make you taller?

Skateboarding will not make you taller. It might make you skinnier or help you lose weight, but if you are not still growing, you won't get any taller.

Can pudding make you taller?

Yes, pudding can make you taller. I am not sure how and why, but I heard it and looked it up and yes, it makes you taller. Also I had some and I grew, like an inch taller. So if you want to grow taller, eat pudding! :)

As a bodybuilder gains muscles can he get taller?

No, gaining muscles will not make you taller.

Does stretching make you taller immediately?

No, stretching doesn't make you taller but if you want to become taller then you can try doing skipping, Bending and jumping. Hope this helps!

How does food not make you taller?

1) It doesn't make you taller than the maximum which your DNA (heredity) calls for. 2) It doesn't make you taller after a certain age, when you've stopped growing in height.

Is there stretches that make you taller?


Can rugby make you taller?


Does being skinny make you look taller?

usually you look taller when your skinny

What food can make you taller?

Well some foods that make you taller are; healthy foods, like vegetables and fruits. The only drink that makes you taller (well the tallest) is milk.

Does tuning a piano make the keys taller?

No, tuning the piano doesn't make the keys taller, but, if the regulation is adjusted on your piano, then that can make the keys taller. Chris, Perfect Piano Tuning, L.L.C., Phoenix, AZ

Does cookie dough make you taller?