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well first off if the cut is deep take the padding off for about a half an hour.When i had stitches i was advised to take the bandaid off for about a half an hour a day.If a light scrape or cut (if a 4 year old then be advised to say booboo) then RUB HYDRADEON PROXIDE OFF AND APPLY BANDAID.

P.S. take vitamins ffor both don't put hydradeon proxide on deep wound staples or stitches.

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Q: How can you make cuts heal faster?
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How can you help cuts heal faster?

By putting lots of neosporin on the cuts

Do cuts heal faster with oxygen?


Does vitamin c make you healthy?

Yeah pretty much. Oranges have a lot of vitamin C in them to help heal cuts faster too.

Why do you think that injuries to the skin generally heal faster than injuries to the brain?

injuries to the skin heal faster than injuries in the brain because of cell division. When your skin cuts it heals faster then when something happens to your brain because your skin cells wear out quickly, so they need to be replaced often. That's why it is faster to heal than injuries to the brain :)

How do you make cuts heal faster?

Apply gauze, if it is deep get butterfly strips to hold it together, if it is major go see a m.d. Holding it shut will stop bleeding, and it will heal, to hide the scar, once it is sealed, immediately buy lotion for fading scars.

How can you get a cut on your tongue and how can you make it heal faster?

You can get a cut on the tongue if you eat foods that is highly made of fiber like sugar. You make it heal faster by eating lots of fruits and vegetables.

Will wounds be affected by chlorine water?

Yes. Small cuts and scrapes will heal faster when swimming in chlorinated water. The chlorine will kill unwanted bacteria in the wound.

What do cocoa beans heal?

cocoa beans heal mostly the small cuts

Do wounds heal faster with or without bandaids?

Wound heal faster with bandaids

Do light bruises heal faster or do dark bruises heal faster?

Light Bruises

Why is the word aids in band-aids?

Band Aids aid you in healing and protect you, they keep cuts from bleeding constantly, which helps form a scab (will heal faster).... Also it helps (doesn't prevent) cuts, scrapes, etc. from getting infected

What makes an injury heal faster?

There are many ways you can try and heal a injury faster. But really the only thing that you can do is give it time to heal.