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stuff cotton wool in your cheeks

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Q: How can you keep from drooling while you sleep?
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How do you stop drooling in your sleep?

You might stop drooling in your sleep if you sleep on your back. Most people who drool in their sleep are laying on their side or on their stomach.

What does drooling in your dream mean?

it means you sleep with your mouth open.

How do you stop drooling?

keep your mouth shut..... :D

What is true about saliva?

Drooling occurs at all ages in sleep but may be from a medical problem. Saliva contains bacteria and it helps break down foods and keep teeth clean.

How do you control drooling of baby?

AnswerReally, you cannot "control" drooling for babies. It is a normal part of being an infant. You can try to deal with the drool - keep a burp cloth handy to wipe up the drool, put a bib on him or her to soak up the drool and keep clothing dry - and then you mainly just wait it out. Some babies start drooling early and keep drooling through a year and half or so.

Can i Download while PC in sleep mode?

No you cannot, while in sleep mode it shuts down your networking therefore not allowing you to download however you can turn off your monitor while this process is going on to keep it from going into sleep mode.

Is it okay to be sleep deprived while pregnant?

I found that when i was pregnant with my daughter i needed as much sleep as possible. Try and sleep as often as you can to keep your strength up

Where do elephants sleep?

An Elephant sleep just for a while in standing position they don not need to lay down for sleep. Elephants can sleep any where any time. Sometimes they will take turns at sleeping while the other Elephants keep watch.

What is sentence for drool?

Why were you drooling all over her?The baby began to drool.Why do you drool while sleeping.

What is the part of speech for drooling?

if its like I am drooling than it's a verb if its like the drooling baby than it's an adjective

Where should untame cats sleep if you plan to keep them?

maybe for a couple days just let them sleep where every then after like a week get them a bed and keep food and water by it, but the litter box keep away because they don't want to smell poop while they try to sleep it would make them uncomfortable.

What can one do to maintain proper sleep hygiene?

Proper sleep hygiene focuses on the person, the bed, and the bedding. Drooling and other activities can increase uncleanliness. The bed and bedding are subject to molding, mildew, and various infestations.