How can you harm the system?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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Q: How can you harm the system?
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What diseases can harm your system?

Various nervous diseases can harm your nervous system. One of the major of them is Huntington's.

What can harm your cardiovascular system?

no se

Will it harm your reproductive system if you have to get an IUD surgically removed?

It's said not to harm anything.

Do the protists in the digestive system of aminals harm them?

no they help the digestive system.

Does space travel harm the solar system?


What injuries may harm the bones skeletal system?

the injuries may harm the bones is the cramps

What injuries and diseases harm the skeletal and muscular systems?

what injuries can harm skeletal and muscular system

Why salty foods are bad to urinary system?

because it will harm your urinary system

What are the injuries of the skeletal and muscular system?

what injuries can harm the skeletal and muscular system

Do protists that live in the digestive system help or harm?


How does nickel harm the body?

Some people are allergic and if in contact with the skin, could cause a rash.

How does smallpox harm your immune system?

It helps it gain immunity