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Well it's not that hard all u have to do is wash your hair every other day, with a shampoo and conditioner called "main and tail shampoo and conditioner" their in two different bottles at any store even at family dollar!There you go have fun making your hair longer and

more buetiful!!!!!!!!

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Q: How can you grow hair longer and faster without pills?
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Any pills you can take to make your hair grow faster?

There are pills on the market that you can take to make your hair grow faster. These pills can be found online.

Does putting crushed up prenatal pills in your shampoo help your hair grow longer stronger thicker faster?

Someone is really pulling your leg !!!

How do you make your hair grow faster and longer without changing your diet?

to grow long hair is you have to eat helthy stuff and pull you hair until it rips

What household methods can be use to grow hair longer and faster?

you can make it grow faster by massaging your head with the tips of your fingers

How do you make your hair grow faster without cutting it?

you can't make your hair grow faster just let it grow

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just trim it . Then trait-en it

Is it true that avcado can make your hair grow faster and longer?


What are ways to make your hair grow a couple of inches without spending a lot of money or taking pills?

Eat gummi bears, this will grow your hair faster.To make your hair grow longer, eat a healthy diet and minimize styling and coloring your hair.

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