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well if u drink enough u can get sick.... i have drank many time and havent been sick.... if u drink to mutch then your body cant filter out the stuff it needs to quicly enough but if u drink a resonable amount u wont get sick.... when u do get sick ull through up or have a really bad head ache (HANGOVER) the next morning

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Q: How can you get sick from drinking alchol?
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What can be done to improve brainstem?

not drinking alchol and smoking marjuana.......

Can drinking to much alchol causes tongue to swell up?


Is drinking alchol unhealthy?

If consumed in moderation, drinking alcohol promotes good health and greater longevity.

What harm is done by drinking alchol?

It affects weight and harms the liver

What is alchol drinking age limit in Oklahoma?

its 21 for all states i think

Is Vanessa Anne Hudgens in jail?

No! She was for excessive alchol drinking.

What is a deadly disease that is usually cause by drinking alchol a lot?

Cirrhosis of the liver.

Can alchol drinking nutrilize the effect of medication?

Yes, alcohol can interact with some medications.

What is the law on drinking alchol?

You have to be 21 and older, you cannot drink and drive, there is a limit to drinking IF you have to drive back home, and many, many more.

What does a blow-dried anchor type mean?

its when yuove been drinking alchol and you pass out and die

3 diferemt reasons why drinking alchol is bad?

Alcohol can cause life - threatening harms.

Can dogs get sick from drinking algae water?

Yes, since humans can get sick from drinking it, then dogs can too.