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Don't suck willy

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Q: How can you get rid of thick phlegm in your throat?
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What is thick mucus in the throat?


You have excess phlegm produced in throat and can't breath deeply due to less expansion of lungs?

yes I have phlegm in my throat already a few years and I can;t get rid of me please.

What is the sentence of phlegm?

I have a cough then suddenly, the phlegm was blocking my throat.

What is the virus that causes phlegm in the throat?

Common cold viruses are the ones that most commonly cause phlegm in your throat.

Phlegm in throat?

Phlegm in the throat can be super annoying but in all reality, phlegm and mucus serves an important role in the human body. Phlegm and mucus acts like the oil in a car does; it makes the engine move.

What does it mean when a man sees a woman then he clears his throat?

Either he has phlegm in his throat or he's trying to get her attention. Depends on if he does this only when he sees her. And possibly that he's clearing his throat because he's getting prepared to talk to her. Again phlegm.

What is expectoration?

Ejecting phlegm or mucus from the throat or lungs, by coughing.

What are the smelly solids formed in the throat called?

Sputum or phlegm or expectorate .

Can coughs be caused by yogurt?

Dairy Products cause phlegm in the throat

What is difference between phlegm and sputum?

Phlegm is the thick mucus and sputum the material coughed up from the lining of the respiratory tract.

How do you hawk a loogie?

A "loogie" is a thick ball of phlegm that forms in the trachea or bronchial tubes, and is coughed up. To cough up a ball of phlegm and spit it out is colloquially called " to hock a loogie" or "hawking a loogie" (from the characteristic sound of expectoration or clearing the throat, and related to the verb "hack" meaning to cough).

What was phlegm in The Canterbury Tales?

In The Canterbury Tales, phlegm is one of the four bodily humors believed to affect a person's temperament and health according to medieval medicine. It was thought to be associated with the element of water and described as cold and moist, leading to characteristics such as sluggishness, apathy, and a phlegmatic temperament.