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Use tooth paste 3 times a day, hold rinse for 1 minute. No dairy products for a week. Assuming that bad breath is caused by bacteries only, most cases start inside nouse cavity. Use rinses w salty water for a week 2 times a day to clear that. after 3 days use water and a few drop of lemon to rinse nouse every morning. Do not drink any milk. Take calcium tablets instead . Do not smoke. If you survive this call me.

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Q: How can you get rid of bad breathe caused by germs and bacteria?
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Are germs important to everyday living for humans?

Yes germs take up parts of the body, I other words "Bacteria" although germs are usually regarded to bad bacteria, bacteria that might cause diseases.

Why do people sneezz?

To get rid of bad bacteria that you breathe in

What illness in the body causes bad breath?

Not illness just bad breath germs and bacteria

What is the reason for vomiting during food piosoning?

To expel the bad germs or bacteria.

What is bad for the immune system?

The "Germs,Viruses,Bacteria, I Can't think of anymore". ...

Why is heat and sunlight bad for bottled water?

because it makes the water taste bad and it is a haven for germs and bacteria to grow

Why is boiling food bad for health?

It isn't. Actually, it helps to get rid of bacteria and germs in food.

Does sucking on your tongue prevent bad breath?

No. Bad breath is caused by germs and bacteria. Good oral hygiene, mints and gum prevent bad breath.

Why do you need germs and bacteria in your intestines?

they breakdown your food and release its energy which is called respiration they need oxygen to break down food

What is the difference between washing and sanitizing?

washing only cleans so much and sanitizing kills all the bad bacteria and bad germs on there

Why are the lungs prone to infections?

Because they are very closely connected with your internal body and it's blood supply and also the external world with all its germs and bacteria. Your skin is also very much in contact with the outside world, but it has more protective mechanisms, like layers of epithelial tissues to ward off pathogens, germs, virus, and bacteria.

What is germs that can be spread from food to people?

bacteria, and in lesser amounts, virusses. One of the most common dangerous bacteria transferred by bad food is 'salmonella' and 'e.coli'.