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To get rid of a black eye very quickly you want to put ice on it. It would also be ideal to make sure that you keep the blood flowing through it using heat now and again as well.

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Q: How can you get rid of a black eye very quickly?
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What can get rid of a black eye?

coloured contact lenses ==''

How do you get rid of mucus under membrane of the eye?

very carefully

How can you get rid of a black ring around your eye?

Sleep more. Take your vitamins.

How do you get rid of black eyes from under your eyes?

The only thing that will get rid of a black eye, is the passage of time. Your body will heal itself in its own good time.

How does jellyfish get rid of waste products?

The Jelly Fish eats, Digest then food and get rid of waste products very quickly.

How To Get Rid Of A Black Eye?

sleep more. take vitamin. always put something cold on it.

How can i get rid of black mold?

It has been very humid where I live and black mold is beginning to creep up on me. Who or what can i use in order to get rid of all this black mold?

How do you get rid black circles around the eye after injury?

you can use cucumber juice, reduce the black circles and massage the eyes and get the eyes relaxed

How do you heal a black eye?

Well, dont get punched in the eye in the first place....but if that is unavoidable, try to use and ice pack to reduce the swelling...but basically the "black" part of the black eye is a hematoma, and will only go away with time. When in doubt of what to do when you have a muscle sprain or strain, use ice. In the situation of a bruise or black eye, a heating pad will make the blood vessels expand and will help the body remove these dead blood cells that make up a bruise.

What is a eye stye and how can you get rid of it?

to stop and start the process of getting rid of an eye steye :keep an very hot rag on it and the main cause of an eye steye not enough of vitamin A in your body so you need to keep up on vitamin A and also all the other vitamins too....... will update when i find out more.

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with a pin