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Q: How can you get pigment back to skin that came off?
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Is spray paint harmful if sprayed on skin?

Some is, some isn't. If you get some on your skin, try washing it off. If it doesn't come off, see your doctor. Or you can try reading the back of the can if it came from a can.

Is hp ink dye or pigment based?

Pigment. Because it moves back and forth turning on and off, dye will blur the pixels.

When you had your belly button pierced and you went swimming and the belly bar ripped out of your skin and all your skin came off can you put the belly bar back in?

Ouch!! No, you cannot put it back in! You should probably see a doctor about this.

Does your skin grow back if you pick it off your face if you have sunburn on your face?

The skin that you're picking off is dead skin. Yes it grows back.

The skin on your penis came off and it hurts?


How do you clean crystal meth off your skin?

try setting off a flea bomb where the stuff is my mate did this just before police busted him and lab results came back negative

When my scab on my leg came off so did the pigment and now i have a white spot on my leg what can i do to make the spot tan again?

you can put a patch that is tan on it

What radiation is given off by sunbeds?

Tanning beds mainly emit UVA light (the lower end of the ultraviolet spectrum) to react with the melanin pigment in the skin.

What do you do after plantar wart falls off?

I learned that skin will grow back after the plantar wort fell off but if not and the skin turns red, purpleish or black with dried skin i suggest you see a doctor.

Does adult eye lashes grow back?

yes, I have burned them off before. and they came back

Why did Viacom take Nickelodeon off?

It came back after a little while.

Would a type nail grow back if it came off?

Yes it will.