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just to say for more information if needed im 11 and and male ok well i was watching Watchmen last night and there was this one sceane where the broke the bone of the bad guy like pulled it out of its socket and blood went everywhere and the bone came sticking out well today the thought and picture came in and instead of the guy doing that in the movie it was me and my baby sister and i dont know why somone plz tell me by the way srry i added this as answer im new

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Q: How can you get pcitures and thoughts out of your head?
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What can you do to get kind of help for thoughts in your head?

You can seek the advice of a therapist or counselor to get help with the thoughts in your head.

How do you get unwanted thoughts out of your head and heart?

You can get unwanted thoughts out of your head and heart by focusing on another idea or carrying out a productive activity.

What does 'get your head out of the gutter?

QUIT THINKING DIRTY THOUGHTS~ -- Typically referring to sexual thoughts.

What is the code for putting pictures on your MySpace?

Go to photobucket or and upload you pcitures there get the HTML code copy and paste :)

Where can you find pictures of miriam Benjamin the female inventor?

You actually cant... there are only pcitures of her inventions =/ unless you buy a book

What questions can only be answered in your head?

Your thoughts.

How do you get rid of thoughts?

Well no brain = no thoughts, and no head = no brain, so pretty much the best way is by guillotine.

Schizophrenia What type of symptom is the following I believe that people are putting thoughts in my head?

The delusion that people are broadcasting pt inserting thoughts in your head are common to the paranoid type of schizophrenia.

What is thought in the head?

Thoughts can be when you seen something or something that happened.

How do you copy pictures from Nintendo DS?

The Nintendo DS cannot not store nor save pcitures so it is not possible to copy pictures from the Nintendo DS

What goes through a wifes head when she finds out her husband cheated on her?

many thoughts. mean thoughts. some of them are-getting even, killing him, and more

What are thoughts in the head?

in drama it is when somebody freezes and another character puts hand over their head and says what theyre thinking