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It might be a little different if you are filing the claim through your own insurance company or the other person's insurance, but it's the same concept. The best thing you can do to make sure it's fair is to do your own research. Check the local newspapers, trade magazines and the internet. Find out what your car is currently being sold for. They are not going to give you what the vehicle is being sold for at a dealership for, so look for private party sales. Whatever they tell you the value of your vehicle is, have them send you the evaluation that was done. You are entitled to it.

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Q: How can you get a fair settlement if your car is totaled and you're not at fault?
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If a new car was purchased and driven for two months and then hit by a vehicle who was at fault what should a fair settlement be if the car is not totaled?

The amount of the repair bill. You might also get a rental car if you have that coverage on your own insurance.

Injury claims how much does the at fault or no fault insurance pay?

The fair amount due for your injury. In a no fault or PIP state your coverage/policy pays you much eclipse the thresold before a settlement is available.

If your vehicle was damaged but not totaled can you request that the insurance company replace it with a new vehicle if the accident was not your fault?

Fault in the accident is not a consideration. Normally the insurance company or the at fault driver is responsible only for repairing your vehicle and providing you with a rental car. While this may not be entirely fair, it is the system and you agreed to it when you chose to drive. Some states do have a provision that a vehicle must be totaled if the damage exceeds a certain percentage of the total value of the auto. YOur best resource is your insurance agent. lwpat

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You reside in Kentucky no fault state and have a wreck but persons insurance says theyre at fault and youre not. Do they have to replace your car with one of exact value at time of wreck?

An insurance company is not required to provide you with any vehicle of any exact value. They are required to compensate you at fair market value for your loss. Fair market value may be higher or lower than what you perceive as the actual value of your loss. If the vehicle is a total loss, then it is generally up to you to go shopping for a vehicle of your choice.

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Next time you post a question, read it over before hitting "save" (your question is a little hard to understand). Once you sign the papers for the car, it is yours. If you get in a car accident and the car gets totaled, the insurance company for the at fault driver is responsible to pay for the "fair market value" of the car. If you are at fault and you have collision, your insurance company will pay you fair market value less the deductable. Please be aware, if your loan was for 10,000 but your car is really only worth 8,000 then you will be stuck paying the extra 2,000 (unless you purchased gap insurance from the loan company)

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