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you have to bypass the headlight switch, but in most states it is illegal for both to be on and most of us inspectors check for that especially with a lot of aftermarket lights.

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Q: How can you fix the driving lights on a 2005 GMC Z71 to stay on when you turn on your bright lights?
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2002 impala Interior lights stay on while driving?

If the interior lights stay on while driving on a 2002 Impala, there could be a problem with the headlight switch. Check the relay center for the headlights that is just behind the headlight switch.

1984 corvette- How do you force the dash lights to stay bright?

To force the dash lights to stay bright on a 1984 Corvette, simply turn the dial to its highest setting. The dial can be found to the left of the steering wheel. On some makes, however, the dial is located near the odometer.

Daylight driving lights stay on when it is light out?

Dirty/faulty dawn/dusk light sensor

Why does a Camry tail light stay too bright?

The tail lights on a Toyota Camry may stay on too bright if the brake sensor is stuck or the bulb is receiving too much power. A multimeter can be used to check the output of the socket.

Is there a kit that you can buy to provide an alert when you have left the headlights on and removed the ignition key in your 2005 Toyota Tacoma?

Do your lights stay on? On my 2005, the lights go automatically off when the ignition is shut off.

What makes interior lights come on and stay on while driving Chevy Caprice Classic?

The dimmer switch when turned just past high, turns on the interior lights. There are switches in the door opening that turns the lights off when the door is closed. Either one of these can cause the lights to stay on if they fail.

What do the warning lights on the 1997 Chevy cavalier dashboard mean?

If the warning lights come on when you start the car, but then go back off, there is no reason for alarm. However, if the lights stay on, or come on when you are driving you should probably stop driving as soon as you can and take the car to the mechanic.

Are the parking lights supposed to stay on while driving in daytime on 2002 Camaro convertible and is this normal?

yes and yes

Why does your head lights stay onin my neon when the key is removed?

your day light driving module could have failed.

In a 2005 is there a way to make the FOGS stay on all the time?

Answer If there is a way please don't do it. Remember the FOGS as you call them are still two additional lights that oncoming cars have to deal with at night. Answer Put a piece of electrical tape over the daytime running lights sensor. The headlights will automatically be turned on when you start the car. You can now push the button to turn on your Fog lights and they will stay on while you are driving. You can also pull the knob out to the first position to turn on parking/indicator lights only and your fog lights will still be able to work. Your daytime running lights will be off.

Why do the headlights go off and back on while driving 94 wrangler I have discovered that my lights will stay on longer if I leave them on dim. If I put them on bright they go out. Bad switch?

Short or overload in system and breaker is resetting itselfRemove one headlight at a time to try to determine where problem is

Why do your light stay on on your 2005 Subaru Outback?

Brake lights? Check brake light switch for adjustment or replacement