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First things first- keep you mouth closed because inhaling air will only attract more germs. Gargle salt water every few hours...and eat candy :) ok actually, you should suck on Halls or any sort of hard candy because the throat can get too dry.

Also try sipping a hot cup of lemon and honey.....squeeze two halfs of a lemon,or you can cut a slice and put it in your cup, a teaspoon of honey and hot water. You can wait until the water has cooled to a little bit hotter then warm and sip it:) don't let it get cold!

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Q: How can you cure your sore throat?
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Does sprite cure a sore throat?

No. Sprite has no medicinal value whatsoever. It may temporarily soothe a sore throat, but it will not cure it.

What is the cure for sore throat in Marapets?

a citrus mug cures a sore throat, i hope you'll find one :)

How does iodine cure a sore throat?

I have never heard of usin iodine to cure a sore throat, but iodine is an anti-infectant, in other words, it kills germs. Despite the fact that the cold is caused by a virus, a sore throat is often caused by bacteria, and so killing them will get rid of the sore throat. However, if you stop the iodine before they are all dead, your sore throat will get worse.

How do you cure will's sore throat?

with a little bit of jessy

How do you cure a sore throat caused by mandarins quickly?

The fruit?

How do you cure a sore throat quickly?

Gargle with salt water

How do you cure sore throat after wisdom tooth removal?

Sore throats should always be looked at by a doctor to make sure that you do not have an infection. In the meantime, soothing a sore throat will help. Use a lozenge or hot tea to soothe a sore throat..

How does the immune system help cure a sore throat?

The immune system will send antibodies to the irritated area causing the sore throat. These antibodies will fight whatever is irritating the throat.

Will honey cure your sore thoart?

It helps and might cure it if you swallow a spoonful whenever your throat gets rough.

When you have a sore throat are you allowed an ice cream?

Absolutely! In fact, ice cream is widely recognized as a sore throat soother. By no means does it cure the ailment, but it does make it feel better!

How do you cure a sore throat?

Here is how you can cure a sore throat. You can cure a sore throat by drinking warm beverages. For example, you can have coffee, tea, soup, etc. Even if cold items feel better on your throat, hot bevrages are still better. They are better because if you drink something hot, it heats the mucus in the back of your throat, making it go away. Cold beverages create more mucus, even though it feels better. Also, stay away from dairy products. For example, ice cream, coffee cream, milk, cheese, all of that. That is the best way to cure a sore throat. If that doesn't work, try taking medicine, or call your doctor. You may have strep throat. And you want to cure it before it gets worse and spreads.

How do you cure a sore throat as a teen?

Gargle with some salt water to cure your sore throat, or ask your pharmacist if they have a remedy for you, also you can suck on some cough drops.