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count to ten and breath

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Q: How can you cool down your anger quickly?
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How do you quickly cool down porridge?

Blow it!

One way to avoid violence is to manage your anger and before you do anything?

One way to avoid voilence is to manage your anger and take time to cool down before you do anyhing.

What rock have crystal in?

All rocks have crystals in them, what ever king they are. If they cool down slowly they tend to have bigger ones and if they cool down quickly they have smaller ones. SIMPLES!!

What is the effect of clear skies on a desert?

The lack of clouds means that the desert will heat up quickly when the sun rises but will also cool down quickly when the sun goes down.

What is calm down mean when someone is angry?

To calm down means to relax and stop being angry. Turn the anger into a cool feeling of optimism and a happy outlook.

Does metal cool off quickly?

No metals do not cool off quickly.

How would tea cool down in a metal cup?

Tea in a metal cup would cool down relatively quickly, since the metal cup wall conducts heat very well.

Does the obsidian cool quickly?

Yes the Obsidian does cool quickly and the vesicular basalt

Do the number of layers of insulation affect how quickly the water cools down?

Yes, the number of layers of insulation can affect how quickly water cools down. More layers of insulation typically provide better thermal resistance, slowing down heat transfer from the water to the surrounding environment, thus helping to retain heat for a longer period of time.

Why does sand on a beach cool down at night more quickly than the water?

I think what you are trying to say is the sand on a beach cools down easier at more quickly then the ocean water because of convection status, this makes the cool water much more cool then in the ocean water because of radiation.

Why to kids cuss?

Maybe to be cool, or maybe to get their anger out.

What is anger issues?

Anger issues are when things or people make you angry. Then, when you get angry, you quickly lose your temper. You then take out your anger on the people and things around you.