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Q: How can you clean your mouth after having anilingus?
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How should you clean a cats mouth after having a mouse in it?

buy an antibiotic at the pharmacy and put it in its water bowl to clean its mouth. make sure you bring it to the vet first

What do you do if someone pukes in your mouth?

Clean you mouth out right away.

How do you clean mouth calls?

use mouth wash and leave them in there for 2hrs

Dose it make a man gay if he likes women to perform anilingus on him?


Does apple juice clean your mouth?


Do dogs got a clean mouth?

yes you just have to keep it clean

Can a dogs mouth be clean if they lick you in the mouth?

No. A dogs mouth is full of germs. Think about where they lick and what they eat. Bacteria can be transferred to your mouth when doing this.

What action should you take if shampoo gets into dog mouth?

Rinse the mouth out with clean water.

Do dogs have chemicals in their butt?

ummmm.... no but dogs do have speacial acids in their mouth to keep their mouth clean.

What is something that eats but i don't have a mouth?

Fish eat. But what does that have to do with you not having a mouth?

Why does a crocodile open its mouth?

Birds fly into a crocidiles mouth to clean its teeth. The bird is getting food from the croc's mouth while the croc is getting its teeth clean. This is a win-win situation, so if the crocidile ate the bird, the croc wouldn't get its teeth clean.

You are supposed to give mouth-to-mouth resuscitation but you are afraid that the person has oral infection that you might be contacted withWhat safe actions can you do?

If you are unsure,use a clean cloth or tissue or a clean piece of plastic over the victim's mouth.