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yes, but it is very hard

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Q: How can you breath through your nose and mouth at the same time?
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What does the nose and mouth do?

The nose breathe air in. Sometimes you do the same with the mouth.

How does a husky breath?

The same way you do, it inhales air into it lungs through its mouth and nose.

Can you breath through your nose and mouth at the same time?

It is possible.

How do elephant breathe?

Elephants breathe through the mouth or trunk (which is just a very long nose) . The air then goes to the lungs, which function just like ours.

Why mammals can eat and breath at the same time?

because we also have a nose to breathe through whilst eating in the mouth.

Can dogs breathe through mouth when asleep?

Yes, in a way. You may not know it, but when you breath through your mouth, you breath through your nose a little bit too. And when you breath through your nose you breath through your mouth (if its open). Dogs can do the same, usually in the summer, they breath through their mouths to cool off, right? So they need to smell, a lot, so during the summer they usually do both (unless its air conditioned).

How do you breathe into a horses nose?

Same as us - by breathing in air, which is delivered to the lungs to be exchanged with carbon dioxide, which the horses breathe out.

What is cyclic breathing when playing the didgeridoo?

It is called circular breathing - It is where you breathe in through your nose at the same time as breathing out through your mouth (vibrating your lips) so as to play a continuous note on the didgeridoo. My friend lived in Australia for a year and leant to play it... He also learnt to circle breathe by breathing in and squirting water from his mouth!

Animals which breathe through their nose?

Answer :Yes, that's true animals breath through there nose's unless they live under water e.g. a fish breaths out of its mouth and the same goes for a whale.Marine biologist/Vet

How do ospreys breathe?

the same way you breath, through there mouth

When you're sick is it better to breathe through your nose or mouth?

Because it is better to breathe through your nose than your mouth.

Where do pandas get air?

The Giant Panda breaths in and out, through it's mouth or nose, drawing air into it's lungs, just as most mammals do. The oxygen is then disturbed through-out their body by way of their blood stream.