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Surnames and first names always remain the same in any language.

But there may be names in the second language that have a similar meaning or sound similar.

There are examples of the Americanisation of German surnames, many immigrants changed a couple of letters in their name to try avoid discrimination.

Examples are :- "Lehmann" became "Lehman", "Schermann" became "Sherman".

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family members is die Familienmitglieder in German

father = Vater

mother = Mutter

brother = Bruder

sister = Schwester

son = Sohn

daughter = Tochter

uncle = Onkel

aunt = Tante

grandmother = großmutter

grandfather = großvater

grandson = Enkel

granddaughter = Enkelin

nephew = Nephe

niece = Nichte

cousin = Vetter (male)

cousin = Cousine (female)

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My family tree is meinem Stammbaum in German.

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Bulgarian: cemenctbo

Dutch: familie

French: famille

German: Familie

Italian: famiglia

Spanish: familia

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With your family is: "mit deiner Familie" in the familiar form.

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Familie kommt zuerst.

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Q: How can you Translate family in a different language?
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