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Well, we should all try to keep our bodies strong! So i suggest eating the right foods (be sure to eat LOTS of fruits and vegetables!) exercise about an hour a day, and maintain a healthy diet! But above all, chose the right choices that you want to make.

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Q: How can we keep ourselves healthy and strong?
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How can you keep ourselves healthy and strong?

take proper diet. and don't take any type of alchohal.

Why is important to keep ourselves clean healthy and organized?

to get gash innit.

What is an idea of a healthy lifestyle of a youth?

to keep you alive an healthy an strong and keep you on track

Urinary tract how do you keep it strong and healthy?

The best way to keep your urinary tract strong and healthy is to drink water frequently. Avoiding soft drinks and eating healthy are important too.

What about fruits?

Fruits, are what you eat to keep you strong and healthy.

How can you keep your muscles strong and healthy?

Drink MILK

What about fruit?

Fruits, are what you eat to keep you strong and healthy.

Why is a Healthy diet good for you?

As we know that''A SOUND MIND RESIDENCE IN A SOUND BODY''so for having a sound mind,we will keep ourselves healthy.

How much water do boxer puppies drink?

A lot. the water makes them healthy and strong. A lot. They drink it to keep there body's healthy and strong.

How the nutrients help the body?

It helps our body to keep strong and healthy.

Why do you have to do sports?

Because you have to keep fit and healthy and you have to grow big and strong.

Why we need vitamins?

We need vitamins to keep our body strong and healthy.