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yes, if its serious I would talk to your doctor.

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Q: How can vitamins pills affect your urine?
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Do drug tests for jobs test for male or female urine?

no, but some hormone pills like birth control pills affect the urine pH, and lab can find out if male use female urine

Does drinking orange juice to help swallow vitamins and other pills affect the results of the pills?

NO. I don't see why it would either. It's just a drink. I've used orange juice to swallow pills plenty of times, and nothing has ever happened. So to answer your question, Drinking orange juice to help swallow vitamins and other pills do not affect the results of the pills.

Does taking prenatal pills affect your period?

No, taking prenatal vitamins won't impact on your period. Prenatal pills are typically vitamins, which could see you have a better period all together, but won't be a major change.

Can contraceptive pills show up on a drug test?

not exactly, but can affect the urine pH and any lab can find if the man use female urine to pass a drug test, because of this pills, pregnancy, etc..

Does urine contain minerals and vitamins?

Yes urine can contain both minerals and vitamins. Certain vitamins taken in excess would be excreted through the urine. Certain minerals can be found in urine as well such as sodium, potassium, chloride, magnesium, and calcium.

Why is fat-soluble vitamins not excreted in urine?

Vitamins which are water soluble only will be excreated by urine--ex-b-complex

Why does your urine smell like the vitamins you are using?

Any excess vitamins that your body hasn't absorbed but that are water soluble leave your body in your urine.

Do vitamins affect chlamydia treatment?

Vitamins will not affect treatment for chlamydia. You can continue them.

Who gave Percy the pills and compass?

The pills are actually vitamins and are given by Hermes god of messengers.

What kind of pills can you use when I am at one month pregnant and I am not using any pills?

prenatal vitamins

What is excreted in urine?

Vitamin C and the B Vitamins are water soluable and are excreted in the urine.

Does urine affect NuvaRing?

Urine does not affect NuvaRing.