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Q: How can sanitation affect an individual?
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How does sanitation affect your health?

spreading and having diseases could be prevented through sanitation

What is improper sanitation?

Improper sanitation or poor sanitation refers to the unhygienic condition that might affect the environment. The most common disease that poor sanitation may cause is diarrhea.

How does overcrowding affect health?

Mainly by decreasing sanitation, thus increasing disease.

Relationship between sanitation and disease?

A lack of sanitation is a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses to grow. These bacteria and viruses then affect the individuals visiting/living in these environments, and as a result, they are infected. [diseased]

Factors that affect an individual's ability to learn?

There are many factors that affect an individual's ability to learn including nutrition. The people in the individual's life also affect the ability to learn.

Does lack of safe water and sanitation affect the wealth of the population?

Yes since health would effect productivity.

What is latin word for sanitation?


What are four factors that affect mortality rate?

Immigration, emigration, birth rate, death rate

How does drug misuse affect a persons health and well being?

Intoxication can adversely affect an individual in a variety of ways, depending on the toxin and individual.

What do you mean by sanitation and sanitation barrier?

Sanitation is a hygienic way of promoting health by keeping humans away from hazards brought by wastes. A sanitation barrier, on the other hand, poses a hindrance to provide sanitation to those who need them. One example of this is high cost of sanitation.

What is the rules of sanitation and health?

Rules of sanitation and health

Is sanitation dignity and protection for all?

Sanitation is both dignity and protection for all by creating awareness about sanitation and hygiene.