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Q: How can peers affect your health?
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How do peers affect participation in sport?

Team work.

Two factors that affect your body image?

peers media

Do your peers decisions affect your decisions?

The decisions of peers do have an influence, although the influence isn't always obvious. All of our experiences (whether with peers, parents, or anything else) affect our "gut feelings" even if we aren't aware it is happening. Even when we try to be as logical as possible about our decisions, our gut feelings still affect our choices.

Which factor does not affect how you might respond to a stressor?

Your peers group response

How does discussing politics with peers affect you?

Discussing it may not affect your relationship with your peers but it is a touchy subject. You may find that some of your peers do not share the same political beliefs as you and it could cause trouble in you work place. On the same note talking about religion is another topic that should be avoided.

How does peer pressure affect teens life?

Peer pressure can affect them. They might be willing to do anything that there peers are doing and it could go against there parents wishes. Peer pressure may lead to teens doing what there peers are doing and it may affect them in the future.

How can a stigma affect your health?

how can a stigima affect your health risk?

How do peers affect socialization?

If your peers are nice and easy to talk, then others will think you're outgoing and probably fun to be around. If your peers are rude and inappropriate, then people will think of you as a jerk or a bully.. If your peers don't really talk to other people, then they might see you as a shy person

How do these superstitious beliefs affect health?

How do these superstitiousbeliefs affect health?In: Mental Health [Edit categories]

How do peers influence health?

Peers can influence health in many ways. 1. If most of the people you associate with smoke, or have a bad habit, you could consider the option of smoking too just too fit in. They have negative as well as positive influences.

Will a Zeus' Lighting Bolt affect my horses health?

No, it will not affect the health.

How Watson and crick affect health?

How watson and crick affect health?