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One can file a claim with Affirmative Insurance by going on the official Affirmative Insurance website. Then one can press the button 'Submit A Claim' to file a claim.

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Q: How can one file a claim with Affirmative Insurance?
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How does one file an auto accident insurance claim with Progressive Insurance?

It is very easy for one to file an auto accident insurance claim with Progressive Insurance. One can file an auto accident insurance claim with Progressive Insurance by calling a Progressive agent by phone or filling out a form on the official Progressive webpage.

Who decides if you can file an insurance claim?

You do. You can always file a claim. The insurance company may not honor the claim and may reject it, but they can't stop you from filing one.

How can one file an insurance claim for a rear end collision?

One can file an insurance claim for a rear end collision by going to one's insurance carrier's collision center, and filling out the necessary paperwork as they take a look at your vehicle.

What is the time limit to file for an insurance claim in Illinois?

The time limit to file for an insurance claim in Illinois depends on the type of claim it is, such as house or car. Typically you have one year form the date of the incident to file. Your insurance company may set different limits.

Can you file a claim against a person with no insurance?

You can file a claim against your insurance company for an action caused by another person with no insurance if you are covered for such an occurance. An example would be if you had uninsured motorist coverage and were hit by someone without auto insurance. However if you want to file a 'claim' against the person directly who has no insurance there is no one to file the claim against. The only alternative here is to sue the person in court.

If your neighbor has cut down one of your trees can you claim this as loss to your homeowners insurance?

You would need to file a police report and file a vandalism claim.

How does one file an auto insurance claim?

If you need to file an auto insurance claim, you need to start by contacting your insurance company. It is important that you have all necessary information when filing a claim. If the claim is due to an accident, be sure to exchange license plate numbers, contact and insurance information with the other party. If a police report is filed, make sure you have the case number. Your insurance agent will then take you through the rest of the process.

How does one go about filing a bodily injury claim?

To file a bodily injury claim one must first go to the ER or a doctor to have the injuries documented. Then you would file a claim with the responsible party's insurance company and they will ask for access to your medical records. After the insurance company reviews your files, they will send you an offer for compensation.

How does one make a motorcycle accident claim?

If a person has been in a motorcycle accident and he or she needs to file a claim, the first thing he or she needs to do is contact the insurance company. If an individual is not insured, then that person needs to contact an attorney to properly file the claim. Generally, the claim is filed through the insurance company. Claim filing procedures depend on the motorist at fault.

How would someone make a claim for whiplash?

One can make a claim for whiplash through their insurance company. One also may call a lawyer and present them with the whiplash claim to file a case for a lawsuit.

How long after an auto accident do you have to file a insurance claim in Texas?

One would think that a claim should be filed as soon as possible - why someone would deliberately wait for weeks and weeks to file the claim creates questions about the validity of such claims.

What is the statute of limitations for insurance companies to file a claim in Georgia?

The time limit to file a claim depends on the type of insurance and even which party you are in the incident. Generally one year is where the statute of limitations start on auto claims. Again, this depends on which party you are and which coverage you are referring to.