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That answer is actually pretty simple, it's just common sense. Our bodies are actually very complex, they do multiple functions at the same time. Our bodies are truly a work of art. Smoking, for example,destroys your lungs, eventually ruins your taste buds, you'll develop breathing problems. The list goes on and on. People that don't take care of their bodies, only abuse it, should seriouly think, long and hard. Other people aren't lucky enough, and they have no choice in being sick, but people bring it on themselves, but still want sympathy and still don't think they did it to themselves. Those kind of people don't deserve sympathy.

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Q: How can information about how your body works help you to make good decisions about your health?
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How does learning about body system help you make informed decisions about your health?

To know what is the fuction of each órgano in oír body and know what things we can EAt and which not

Which world body works at improving the health of all people?

World health organization ( WHO)

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What kind of science do you need to become a pediatrican?

health or the study of body parts and how the body works

What is Animal health?

About your animals body or how healthy it is.... how well you take care of it.... how its body works..... shouldn't you know this?

How does knowing about body systems help you make good decisions about your health?

it helps you know whats good for you so you wont do anything thats not good for your health.

How does learning about body system help you make informed decision about your health?

An informed decision requires relevant information. Health means the degree to which the body is functioning in the normal manner. So information about the body is very relevant.

Are intellectual health and mental health the same thing?

No. Mental health is a wide genre covering everything from information processing (intellectual) to body movement. Intellectual health is more about how well you can process information.

What does the acronym PHI stand for?

Protected Health Information

Where would I get information on the health and safety aspect of body jewelry?

The best place to get information about health and safety aspects of body jewelry is to ask your docter. Or in a local hospital, you could find some information on the web, but I don't know if it is trustable.

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Body weight index is important to health and maintaining a good body. is a good site that you can enter your information and get what you need to find your body weight index and help you reach your health goals.

Samples of investigatory project?

what is the study of how the body part is put together and how it works in health and disease called?