How can germs affect you?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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Pathogens invade body cells for reproduction. This kills the cells, leading to inflammation as well as an immune response. Fever is the result of body temperature increasing to flush out bacteria. Some germs are worse than others.

There is a difference between viruses and bacteria.

Virus - a parasite that invades body for survival but is unaffected by antibiotics. It is usually dormant, but awakens in the presence of living tissue.

Bacteria - always alive; searches for living tissue in which it reproduces and gains energy.

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Q: How can germs affect you?
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How do high and low temperatures affect the growth of germs in ways that are alike and different?

this effects the germs because it is really dangerous

How high and low do temperatures affect the growth of germs in ways that are alike and different?

this effects the germs because it is really dangerous

What happen to the water when the cloth affect it?

It turns dirty and then creates more germs

How rubbish has affect on your environment?

The rubbish is smelly so it provides the germs with breeding areas then the germs corrupt the planet by damaging our water, food and ecology supplies.

How does household pests affect human health?

they do this by spreading diseases and germs to to things and people

When you wash your hands do all the germs come off?

No, not all the germs come off because there are billions and billions and even trillions of types of germs that can exist on a single doorknob, and if soap is applied, about only 99% of the germs go away because soap is not a killer of all the trillions of germs there are. There are some that are not affected by soap, and if soap is used to often, the germs get used to the soap and build up an immunity to it, therefore when you use soap to often, soap will eventually not affect the germs at all.

How does sick affect us?

well people wants to know why people speard germs to everyone and we want to why and how.?

How would unpleasant personal hygiene affect you and your organization?

Because it would make you stink and you would be spreading germs...

How did the arrival of European settlers affect native American societies?

the native Americans brought germs and diseases to the europeans

Can you lend someone your inhaler even thought its not there's?

It is not legal if it is a prescription but I would forget the law when it comes to saving someone's life.

Are there more germs on the inside of buildings or on the outside and does temperature affect the growth of germs?

There are typically more germs found inside buildings due to the higher concentration of people and surfaces that can harbor germs. Temperature can affect the growth of germs as most germs thrive at temperatures similar to the human body (around 98.6°F or 37°C). Colder temperatures can slow down germ growth, while warmer temperatures can promote it.

What is the most common type of medicine used to treat the symptoms of an infectious diseases?

Antibiotics. But different antibiotics affect different germs.