How can fate effect your life?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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Q: How can fate effect your life?
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Did William Shakespeare have fate in his life?

Everyone has a certain amount of fate in his or her life. It's to be expected.

What did Greeks believe about human nature fate and the purpose of life?

For destiny or Fate

Why might ancient Greeks be so interested in fate?

Greeks were incredibly interested in fate. Greeks were interested in fate because they did not believe in life after death.

According to Zoroaster human fate is contorlled by what?

Zoroaster believed that human fate, both in life and the afterlife were controlled based on the person's spirit (or character) and that their ultimate fate would be decided based on how they had chosen to live their life.

What is fate in a fetus?

The fate of most fetus is to be born and become humans, or other life forms that start out as a fetus.

What does the coffin represent?

It symbolizes a perishable fate in life.

The fate who measured the thread of life?


What is the meaning of nona?

The Fate who spins the thread of life

Is man the architect of his own fate?

No. I disagree with the above earlier answer. Of course he is. Whatever actions you take during your life will have consequences, thus impinging or altering your situation in some way. Even if you were able to do absolutely nothing, say, lie in bed all day long or just sit in a chair, you would still have some effect upon your life i.e. fate

Who according to Greek mythology is the goddess of fate?

There actually were three goddesses of fate, called Moirai or Moirae. They were led by Zeus Moiragetes, the god of fate. The three goddesses were named Klotho (who spun the thread of life), Lakhesis (who measured the thread of life), and Atropos [or Aisa] (who cut the thread of life).

What is a term for fabrics from the fate who spun life's thread?

its cloth

What their life style?

Pakistan fate increasing exercise regularly