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because if u get mad it can stress your brain.

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Q: How can expressing your emotions in healthful ways effect your physical health?
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What is the effect of healthful surroundings?

A person's mental and emotional health is just as critical as a person's physical health. The effect of healthful surroundings comes from being surrounded by loved ones to improve mental and emotional health for emotional support and encouragement. Having the right people in one's life can vastly increase chances of reaching one's definition of success and happiness.

Do emotions have an effect on your health?

Yes different emotions affect your health in different ways.

Why is it healthful nutrition important in your lives?

a lot of sugar can cause fat, and that leads to diabetes. Being overweight can effect the neurons in your brain and will actually make you think slower, so its better to have nutrition in your body. Physical excersising will help you also

What are the components of mental aspects?

The state of mind: happy or sad. The emotions one is having: intense The effect of mental symptoms affecting physical body and to what extent, etc

How does marijuana effect the emotions?

Marijuana is a mild depressant

Why does music effect emotions?

it's because it speaks to your heart

Is Capricorn emotional?

The time of year of your birth has no effect on your emotions.

Does watching television effect your emotions?

Yes. No. To get to the other side. (:

How does physical environment effect human sediment?

how does physical environment effect human sediment?

Do emotions effect your judgment?

Yes. Because you can't have judgment if you have no emotion.

How do some drugs effect emotions?

Drugs are the ones that affect the brain directly. Thus drugs can alter where brain stores it's emotions.

Do emotions effect an athletes gameplay?

I would think so. You would be distracted.