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Q: How can being sexually active at an early age affect physical health?
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Can your emotions affect your physical health?

Yes emotions can affect physical health in many cases. They affect brain, which affects the physical health of person.

How do inheritance affect your physical health?

Your matabolic rate can be inherited, thus affecting your physical health.

What are the physical factors that affect health?


How can emotions affect your physical health?

Emotions can affect our physical health. A emotionally strong person would be healthy while weak one would not be healthy.

What percentage of women are sexually active at age 65?

Around 60-70% of women aged 60-69 are sexually active, but this number can vary based on various factors such as health, relationship status, and personal preferences.

Can what you eat affect your mental and physical health?

Yes it can.

Do lifestyle choices affect scoliosis?

NO. They do not affect it. It is genetic so physical and mental health dose not affect it.

How does physical factor affect mental health?

genitcs and gender

Elements of physical health?

Active Lifestyle Balanced dietHygiene and disease prevention Physical fitness Restorative sleep

Are there any negative consequences to mental health of being a virgin your whole life?

Actually doctors agree that people who remain a virgin their entire life have a lower life expectancy. The sexually activity is good for everyone's health, both mental and physical. They say people well into their 70's should still remain sexually active in order to increase life expectancy.

How can poor mental and emotional health affect physical health?

Mental and emotional health form one component of your "health triangle", along with physical and social health. The elements of this triangle affect the other elements. For example, if your mental and emotional health is poor, it might lead to bad eating habits as you try to cope with sadness, or lethargy, if depression makes you lose the will to exercise. Thus, poor mental and emotional health has a negative impact upon your physical health.

Can living with liars affect your physical health?

Yes. The stress will kill you.