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First of all, she may have already broken her hymen through sports, tampons or just by standing a certain way. All women are different and can not be judged by whether there is pain during their first experience or not. It could even be the case that a woman who is relaxed enough may avoid such pain. It is also quite acceptable for woman of today to experiment with their bodies with themselves and others way before sex. In some ways, the only way to answer this question is to also ask how much of pain can we contribute to mind over body.

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Q: How can a woman have painless intercourse while losing her virginity?
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Can a child lose virginity while doing sexual play?

Losing virginity is constituted by sexual intercourse. Any way, you may as well not bother with "sexual play" unless you're planning on having sex with that person, and perhaps having an actual relationship.

How a girl feel while lossing verginity?

This is a very tricky question. physically it means that the girl is ready for sex. however it is the psychological factor that plays a big role in it. losing virginity has different meaning in different parts of the world. those belonging to the old school considering protecting the virginity a virtue. however, with time virginity now is not a treasured thing any more. it is you mind set that will determine whether losing or protecting virginity is a virtue or not. otherwise losing virginity is a common body function which should not be considered bad or negative, it simply has to happen and you need to accept it with a positive frame of mind if you want to have a fulfilling life.

How can a girl lose her viginity to another?

To most people, sex and losing ones virginity means actual intercourse, aka a penis inserted into a vagina, but to many people, the term "sex" is defined by the mere act of love and intimacy, so therefore, actual intercourse involving penetration of some sort wouldn't be necessary. This is especially common lingo (though not exactly limited) in the gay communityTo "another", are you referring to another female? Technically and historically, losing your virginity has involved heterosexual intercourse. In the gay community, it's a gray area. Some people in the gay community consider having oral sex the first time as losing their virginity. Others think it has to be with some kind of penetration, while others think it has to be both. What matters so much is not the 'virginity' part, but that your first timeis a wonderful experience you can look back upon in future yrs.Too often, the first time is rushed and/or one (or both) of the participants feels trashed or used. Males often will act like it's no big deal, but in candid converstaion, they will usually admit that they wished for a better experience. There's only one first time, make it count for something special.

Do girls loose virginity while in cycling and hard work rather than sports?

You can't lose your virginity without having sexual contact with the opposite sex (having penetration) what girls sometimes do is what many people call "poppin your cherry" it's not losing anything but just ripping a little tissue we girls have inside

Is new boyz legacy a virgin?

No he is not...he lost his virginity a while ago

Who played painless in mash movie?

The music was written and performed by Johnny Mandel while the eerie lyrics of "Suicide Is Painless" were written by Mike Altman, the 14 year old son of the film's director. "Painless" was the dentist, played by John Schuck.

Should you have intercourse in the rectum while pregreant?

yes you can have sexual intercourse while pregnant so anal sex would be ok just becarefull

HOW TO GETpregnant while on the mirena?

Have the Mirena removed, and then have intercourse.

Is it safe to have intercourse with a woman while she's menstruating?


Is lifting weights better while you are losing weight or after you have lost the weight you want to lose?

I'm not to sure but I think while losing weight.

Is an intercourse the main reason for producing milk in females?

While the act of intercourse can help produce milk in female, milk is not the direct result of intercourse. Milk is produced in females when they become pregnant.

Are you still considered a virgin if your first time wasn't consensual?

Technically, most people would say no, you are not a virgin even if your first time wasn't consensual. However, most people that have been sexually abused or raped before they were able to choose who to give their virginity, will tell you that while you may have physically lost your virginity when it was taken from you, you still have the power to give it away. Mentally, when the abuser or rapist took your virginity, you didn't make the choice to give it to them, so in that sense your virginity is still intact, you didn't give it to him/her. I'm sorry that like too many people in this world, you had your virginity taken from you, however, I hope you can reach the point that others have and discover that while your abuser/rapist may have stolen your physical virginity, moving forward you can still choose who to offer your virginity to in respect to the mental aspects of giving your virginity to someone.