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Q: How can a person go eight days without sleep?
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How long can a person stay without sleep?

10 days.

What is the maximum duration for which a person can go without sleep?

8 days

How many days can a person go with out sleep?

World records for days without sleep have surpassed 10 days. Theoretically, one does not need sleep, but will function less effectively without the "recharge" it provides to the body and mind.

How can a man go eight days without a sleep?

He sleeps at night

How long can a person go without sleep?

so far a friend of mine manage to still function after 3 days of no sleep

How can a woman go eight days without sleep?

The longest that a human has stayed awake is just short of 11 days, so theoretically staying awake for eight days is doable. However it is not healthy and you should not attempt it.

How many days following one another can a person work 12 hour shifts?

well a person can only stay up about 2 days without sleep so 4 shifts

How much does a person sleep in a year?

about 182 days.

How long can a person go without sleep before they start to hallucinate?

It all depends on the person. In the military you develop capacity to withstand long hours without sleep. 20 years ago I could go without sleep for 6 days before hallucinations. now 2 days is enough for me to hallucinate lacking sleep. This means the capacitiy is reduced with age.

Can people go without sleep?

People can only go without sleep for about two days. Then they just have to fall asleep. Ive stayed up 4 days straight.

What is the most days you can go without sleep?

It depends on the persons body and how it reacts to the loss of sleep

Will you die if going 3 days without sleep while drinking alcohol?

Not from going without sleep. The alcohol will eventually kill you, though.