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Go to sleep.

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Q: How can a person be unconscious?
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What happens if you don't perform CPR on an unconscious person?

If they are unconscious and breathing, nothing will happen. If they are unconscious and not breathing, they will die.

How do you deliver sugar to an unconscious diabetic?

When a diabetic person becomes unconscious, check for their emergency glucagon injection kit, as you are calling 911. Once the person is conscious, treat the same as you would a person who has not been unconscious.

How can you tell a person is unconscious?

When the person does not respond

Which powder can make a person unconscious in Hindi?

The powder that can make a person unconscious is called "बेहोश करने वाली पाउडर" in Hindi.

What is the heart rate of an unconscious person?

Depends on the person and situation.

Which powder can make a person unconscious?


Why does an unconscious person need oxygen?

a unconscious person needs oxygen because without oxygen they will sufer serious brain damage and can possable die.

The best way to check if a person is unconscious is to?

tap on their shoulders and repeatedly ask if they are OK. if no response they are most likely unconscious.

Which of the senses is the last to reduce in an unconscious person?


For an unconscious person what do you look listen and feel for?


What can make a person unconscious?

These substances are called narcotics.

Care for a person who is unconscious and has a blocked airway includes what?

If a person is unconscious, it is important to call 911. Next, the airway should be opened by tilting the head back and up.