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Q: How can a man do eight days without sleep?
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How can a man go eight days without a sleep?

He sleeps at night

How can a woman go eight days without sleep?

The longest that a human has stayed awake is just short of 11 days, so theoretically staying awake for eight days is doable. However it is not healthy and you should not attempt it.

How can a man go 8 days without sleeping?

sleep at night

How can man go 8 days without sleeping?

sleep at night

Can a man survive without sleep?

You would certainly die without your sleep!

How much sleep should a man get?

The recommended amount of sleep for the average adult is eight hours.

How long can man walk without sleep?

a lot

How long can a human go without sleep before she or he dies of sleep deprivation?

In May 2007 a British man named Tony Wright stayed awake for 266 hours, just a little more than 11 days.

How many days can man survive without water?

2 days

How long had the old man gone without catching a fish in Hemingway's 'The Old Man and the Sea'?

The old man had gone 84 days without catching a fish.

How many days man lives without food?

I think it is about ywo weeks a man can live without food.

How many days man leaves without food water?

A man can live without water for 1 day.