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13 year olds don't have breasts!!! or at least they don't have big breasts... wait till the 13 is like 18... then its fine to play with her own breasts

that above is a stupid answer my friend 12 yrs old wears adult Bras because they are the only sizes that fit her

actually when i was 13 i had HUGE breasts and im 15 now and i want them gone =(

just have fun with them shake them massage them and if u realy want to have fun make out with someone BIGTIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Ummm , Why would you want to play with your own breasts anyway?!

That's just ''weird'' ?

speaking as a teen might play with them because your starting to get to that age to explore masturbation? like that person said massage very gently

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Q: How can a 13 year old girl play with her breasts?
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