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Think of what other people similar to you would choose and if it is still far too difficult, ask other people or just flip a coin.

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Q: How can I stop being so indecisive?
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What is meant by the term indecisive?

Indecisive is an American word meaning prone to indecision or not clearly defined. For example, if a person has a difficult time making up his or her mind in doing something, he or she is being indecisive.

What is the Malayalam meaning of indecisiveness?

The state of being indecisive; unsettled state.

How do you use the word indecisive?

Bob was permanently branded as being indecisive when he balked on whether or not to spend a small part of the department's budget on a simple Christmas party. The prey's survival depends on forcing their predator to become indecisive at the moment of truth.

What is a sentence for indecisive?

Even though she'd agreed to marry him, he could not stop dwelling on the indecisive pause that had seemed to drag on forever before she said yes.Spring weather everywhere is indecisive, but in New York City it can be positively manic depressive, with snow one day, and beach weather the next.

What is literary foil?

Literary foil is when two characters are very different and their differences help characterize them.For example, Hamlet and Horatio are foils. Hamlet is very indecisive and Horatio is decisive. Horatio being indecisive helps the reader realize that Hamlet is indecisive.

Can you use indecisive in a sentence?

She was indecisive about whether to go to the park or the movies.

Can a nun stop being a nun?

A nun can stop being a nun whenever she wants to do so.

You are indecisive but predictable in what you do - is that a sort of mental disorder or just a strange quirk?

Quirk. Being indecisive doesn't make you unpredictable. If somebody knows you well enough, they should usually be able to tell what you'd do in certain situations.

What is a good sentence with the word indecisive in the sentence?

The student was indecisive on the last test question.

How do you stop yourself from being so high maintenance?

Stop being materialistic and start being more grateful for life and the people you have as friends and family.

How do you stop being so sensative?

Grow a pair.

How can I stop being so boring?

say that you have diaria