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Q: How can Ecstsy harm your body forever?
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Damage or harm to the body is defined as a?

Damage or harm to the body is defined as a...............INJURY!

Damage or harm to the body is defined as?

An injury is defined as harm or damage that is done (to the body).

Does it harm your body if you smoke bath salt?

Yes. Smoking anything will harm your body.

If you pop half a ecstsy pill would you feel the effects?

If its your first time then yeah, but it wont be as enjoyable if you were to take a whole one.

What actually kills people with HIV?

HIV can just stay in your body forever without causing harm, bit it is when you Get sick from anything else you allow the virus to spread and later kill you.

How does food harm the body?

food can harm your body because when you eat the food go to diffrent types of your body and stores the fat and food in there.!

Is toothpaste harm for your body?


Does beer harm your body?


What body structure protect body from harm?

The skin

What a hawks body temperature?

forever young i wanna be forever young

Why oxygen phosphorus and calcium do not harm human body?

they don't harm the body becaus eyou nedd them throughoout your body icluding your blood stream.

Can marijuana harm your body?

anything harms your body if you do to much of it.