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By studying the different ways that people react to emotional situations

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Q: How can Charles act like a sociologist and be a systematic in his study of how people show emotions?
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How can Orly act like a sociologist and be systematic in her study of why people react in different situations?

By examining all sides of why people react as they do

How can Agnes act like a sociologist and be systematic in her study of why people drive faster then speed limit?

By asking people who recieve speeding tickets why they were speeding.

Ekman claims that a major function of emotions is to?

In his book "Emotions Revealed," psychologist Paul Ekman says that emotions allow for people from different parts of the world to communicate nonverbally. Like Charles Darwin, Ekman has found emotions to be universal across cultures and nationalities.

Sociologist study how people interact in?


What is the difference between a sociologist and a historian?

Sociologist are social scientists that studies society and how it affects people. Historians are people who writes chronological events in the society or of people who are important in the society.

Who would study how people live in a community?

A sociologist.

What kind of scientist studies people and society?


What is the main focus or unit of analysis for sociologist?

strange people...

Can emotions last forever?

NO. Emotions only last as long as the people who have the emotions maintain those feelings. Since people do not last forever, neither do emotions.

What do you call a person who studies people?

A person from the movie "Hostel!" If the person studies interactions among people and societies, from a scientific point of view, you call them a "social scientist" or "sociologist".

Is arousing emotions the same as expressing emotions?

Arousing emotions is trying to make people feel. Expressing emotions is showing emotions.

What is a sociologis it?

sociologist study a group of people instead of one individual