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Bio psychology

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Q: How brain chemistry affects how we feel and act is a part of which perspective?
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How brain chemistry affects how we feel and act is part of which perspective?

Bio Psychology

How brain chemistry affects how we feel and act is apart of which perspective?

That concept is part of the biological perspective in psychology, which focuses on how biological processes and genetics influence behavior and mental processes. Brain chemistry, such as the presence of neurotransmitters like dopamine or serotonin, can impact our emotions, thoughts, and behaviors.

Can an affair turn into true love?

They Say Love Is All About Brain Chemistry. and how that person makes you feel

How does malnutrition effect school learning or work?

Because malnutrition affects the brain, and the strength in your body. So if you are malnutrated, then your brain will work slower, and you will feel quite tired, so you will not be able to work properly.

How can smoking pot effect your education?

Smoking pot is dangerous as it affects the brain and you will always feel drowsy, so in other words your studies will be affected.

If i touch the surface of the brain how does it feel?

touch the surface of the brain how does it feel

Drugs what do they do?

They modify the chemistry of your body. As the majority of your chemistry is the result of many millions of years of selection and optimizing, then usually drugs screw-up the way your body works. Especially your brain

Alcohol affects what muscles?

At a Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) of .05, your muscle function, memory and judgment decrease. Then at .1 BAC you lose control of emotions and feel physically sick.

Can my brain feel pain?

Yes, your brain can feel pain because that is where all your emotions come from.

Which question is most important to biopsychology?

One important question in biopsychology is how the brain and other biological factors influence behavior and mental processes. This field seeks to understand the relationship between biology and psychology, and how genetics, hormones, and brain structure impact our thoughts, feelings, and actions.

What do all women feel with?

They feel emotion and love with thier heart. They feel bravery and loyalty with thier brain. They feel sexual attractions with thier brain, heart and vagina.

When bacteria dies does it feel pain?

No, bacteria do not have a nervous system or a brain, so they cannot feel pain as animals do. When bacteria die, they do not experience sensations or emotions.