How big of an area will 1500 btu heat?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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Q: How big of an area will 1500 btu heat?
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How many Btu's to heat a room over 100 degrees?


How much area will 5118 btu cover?

A good size home of about 1500 sq ft would need about 80,000 btu to heat it effectively on a very cold day..the area you live in and how well the place you are heating is insulated will determine how effective 5118 btu will heat any given area...So 5118 btu heater would most likely heat a 100 sq ft room as long as it is closed off and is insulated good. if you figure 80,000 btu will heat a home of 1500 sq ft and the heat will not have to run would take 53 btu to heat 1 sq ft of space...with this in mind you will see that your heat will only run maybe 10 to 15 minutes per hour depending on the outside temperature...the colder it is the more it will run...the warmer it is the less it will run..

How many square feet does a 66000 BTU heater heat?

1500 sq ft

How many btu to heat 1500 cubic feet?

Don`t you mean square feet?

How big of a pool heater is needed to heat 18000 gallons?

400k btu

What higher 45000 btu or 1500 watts?

1 watt is equal to 3.41 btu/h. multiply 1 by 1500 and we get 1500 watts. multiply 3.41 by 1500 and we get 5115btu/h. Therefore we can come to the conclusion that 1500 watts < 45000 btu. 45000btu/h is higher than over 10 times 1500 watts.simplified answer = 45000 btu is hilariously higher than 1500 watts.-Tychusfindlay919P.S. if you meant 4500 btu/h then 1500 watts is higher

Is a 90 thousand BTU central air unit too big for a 1500 square foot home?

Yes, about 4x too big.

How many btu will heat 1100 sqft area at 60 degrees?

It takes about 55 BTU'S It takes 180 BTU'S to raise 32 degrees to 212 degrees.

How many btu's does a pilot light use?

800 to 1500 BTU's

How do you figure out btu?

To calculate the BTU (British Thermal Units) needed to heat a space, you need to consider the area of the space, the desired temperature increase, the insulation levels, and any additional heat sources. You can use a BTU calculator or consult with a heating specialist to determine the appropriate BTU rating for your space.

When buying a furnace is it better to have 80000 btu or 60000 btu in Michigan?

The BTU output requirements of your furnace must be determined by heat load and heat loss calculations on the area that is heated. You should consult several HVAC contractors for estimates and recommendations.There are many factors that influence the BTU requirements of a furnace in any location.

What is cheaper to use a 1500 watt or 5000 btu heater?

It depends on the cost of electricity and the cost of natural gas in your area. Generally, using a 5000 BTU natural gas heater is cheaper than using a 1500 watt electric heater. Natural gas is typically more cost-effective for heating compared to electricity.