How big of an air conditioner for house?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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Q: How big of an air conditioner for house?
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Would a house in devonport most likely need a heater or an air conditioner?

the answer is air conditioner

What is a central air conditioner?

Central Air Conditioners are installed into your house to provide cooling air in every room using a duct system. They are very refreshing on a hot day.

How much will a powerful full house cooling air conditioner cost?

A powerful full house air conditioner unit will cost in the range of 1500 to 2000 dollars.

Why when my air conditioner is off or my dehumidifier not working in crawl space my house gets this horrible smell but when the air comes back on or I clean the dehumidifier the smell goes away mold?

the air conditioner is a big dehumidifier. crawl space is getting wet. probably mold

Why is the air conditioner not cooling the house properly?

If the air conditioner is on but not cooling the house properly, you may have a leak in your duct work. A leak would allow all of the cold air to escape, blowing into the outdoors instead of cooling your house.

Where can I purchase air conditioner units for a two story house?

I live in a two story house and currently have one air conditioner unit for the whole house. I am looking to change that so that one unit does the upstairs and one unit does the down stairs. Where can I find air conditioner units that will meet my needs.

Can a central air conditioner be installed in a house that currently uses room air conditioners?

Yes, a central air conditioner can be installed in a house that currently uses room air conditioners as long as there is a place to put the fan outdoors.

How do reverse cycle air conditioner work?

A reverse cycle air conditioner work like normal air conditioners only in reverse, transferring heat into a house instead of outside of one. It is not an air conditioner at all, but a heater.

Does this Koldfront 8,000 btu portable air conditioner give off heat in the house?

Since this air conditioner puts out 8,000 btu's it shouldnt give out any heat in the house at all .

Will one air conditioner cool a 5 bedroom house?

One air conditioner alone will be inadequate to cool a large 5 bedroom home.

What keeps us warm in the house apart from air conditioner?


Were does a thermostat gets its power from on a central air conditioner?

The furnace or air handling unit in the house.