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Never purge unless instructed by a doctor to do so (if you have swallowed something poisonous accidentally, etc).

Purging regularly - as in the illness bulimia - is extremely dangerous. It can destroy the human digestive system (meaning you will never be able to eat "normally" again and might face being fed through a tube the rest of your life), strip the enamel off teeth (stomach acid is part of what comes up), and sometimes end in death, often after a person is finally healed/in recovery from bulimia, see the life of the late Karen Carpenter.

The human body needs fuel to run properly, and we find fuel in regular meals which give nutrients to the body, then the body gets rid of the waste naturally through urine and bowel movements.

Please see your doctor, and if you are looking for ways to lose weight, your doctor can help you in that area as well. Or check a site like livestrong, they have tools that show you how many calories you need to eat daily to have and maintain a healthy weight.

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Q: How bad is purging also known as self induced vomiting?
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Also known as vomiting?

Purging, throwing up

What is it called when you make yourself throw up?

Depending on one's behavior other than purging, self-induced vomiting can be a sign of bulimia nervosa, anorexia nervosa (purging subtype), or eating disorder not otherwise specified (ed-nos). The DSM V may also include a new eating disorder called Purging Disorder.

How does prolonged induced vomiting affect the body?

Prolonged, induced vomiting, as is the case with bulimia, has profound negative effects on the body. To begin with, it affects the lining of the esophagus that gets damaged from stomach acid. The teeth begin to rot and menstruation may stop, leading to infertility. Weight loss is also inevitable.

What is it .. Self induced vomiting .. threw up blood for the first time figured was prob a scratch in throat.. but also a dark brown material ..what is that?


Eating disorder that involes self induced vomiting?

it's called bulimia.... you will damage the gallbladder, than have to get it removed.. also you can cause your teeth to rot out ,and be all discolored... this disease never ends.. you should get help!!!! asap!!!

If not eating doesn't necessarily cause weight loss fast how come anorexics are so skinny?

Anorexics control their body weight by voluntarily going through starvation, vomiting, purging and excessive exercise. Also controlled by diuretic pills. More info on this on the weblink below:

What is the medical term meaning vomiting?

Emesis is the medical term meaning vomiting.EmesisEmesis is also known as vomiting.terms for vomiting are regurgitation, throwing up, inability to keep food downEmesisThrowing up.Nauseaemesis

What is bolimic?

Bulimia nervosa is an eating disorder characterized by recurrent binge eating, followed by compensatory behaviors. The most common form is defensive vomiting, sometimes called purging; fasting, the use of laxatives, enemas, diuretics, and over exercising are also common. So there you go! :D

What are 2 types of anorexia?

The two types of Anorexia according to the APA is as follows: Type I - Reduced appetite or refusal to eat or maintain a healthy weight. In other words they just don't eat. Type 2 - Reduced appetite or refusal to eat, and when they eat, will purge. In other words, they are pretty much the same as type 1, but they also show bulimic tendencies.

What is a barbiturate-induced coma also called?

Barb coma

What is the meaning of precipitating incident?

Human emotions were considered in classical period due to humors in the human blood which had to be purged. The Greeks also believed in purging the human emotions in catharsis as in a tragedy, to move through hamartia to precipitate or in purging the emotions.

How is overtraining related to eating disorders?

Overtraining is quite often like purging after eating. You are tried to burn off the calories that you have consumed and quite often you are mentally obsessed by how much you are training, working out, etc. It is also known as exercise bulimia.