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your pulse shows you how fast your heart is pumping the blood

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Q: How are pulse and heartbeat related?
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How is pulse related to heartbeat?

Pulse = heartbeat

What does a pulse measures?

Your heartbeat

What is apical pulse?

apical pulse is actually the heartbeat

What is your heartbeat known as?

Heartbeat is also known as pulse or cardiac cycle.

What is the pulse a measure of?

A pulse is the measure of your heartbeat and how many times it beats.

When you are counting pulse beats are you counting heartbeats?

Yes, your pulse is your heartbeat rate.

What is the Expanding of the arteries after each heartbeat?


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Why does your pulse Rate happen?

Each pulse is the heartbeat pushing blood through your veins

Why is a mouse pulse rate faster than an elephant pulse rate?

Mouse doesnt have a pulse rate, but it has a faster heartbeat rate coz its smaller in size,the smaller the animal is,the higher the heartbeat rate it has!!!!

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What is a momentary expansion of an artery following a heartbeat?