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Sumerian gods tend to be capricious and more or less random in their moods/ actions, while the Egyptian gods tend to be more consistent. Egypt was all about different cycles which governed life, while Sumeria was more about random unpredictable changes.

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Q: How are Sumerian gods different from Egyptian gods?
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What are the Egyptian gods gods of?

they can be gods of different things

How were the sumerian cities different?

they believed in different gods and godesses than eachother

Why the egyptian gods worship different gods?

i dont know

How was the Egyptian culture similar to and different from sumerian culture?

Alike: worshiping many gods, writing, building, and a class system. different: improvments were made in Sumer not really any in Egypt. King Tutankhamun did not have a son Ur-Nammu did.

What are the top ten Egyptian gods?

there are no top 10 egyptian gods they all ahd different purposes that made the world

Is there evidence that the Greek Egyptian Norse Mayan and other Gods are part of the Anunnaki?

Let's differentiate between God and gods. The tradition of the Western peoples who worship One God, is based upon Judaism, which (under Abraham) repudiated the gods of Sumeria (which included the Sumerian anunnaki-worship).The Egyptian and Greek gods, on the other hand, may have been parallel to (or identical to) the Sumerian gods.

What made the Egyptian God Aton so different from most of the other gods and goddesses?

Aton was different because he was the god of monotheistic gods when Egyptian belief was all about many gods and monotheism is one god

The main economic activity of Egyptian Harappan and Sumerian civilizations was?

The main economic activity of Egyptian, Harappan, and Sumerian civilizations was

Did The Harappan civilization develope after the Sumerian and Egyptian civilizations appeared?

The Harappan civilization developed _______ the Sumerian and Egyptian civilizations appeared.

How was Egyptian culture similar to and different from Sumerian culture?

Both religions were polytheistic, which means they believed in many gods. So they both worshiped their gods in hopes that a god would do something nice for them. Such as giving them rainwater for their dry crops. Although the Sumerians had to work a little harder to worship their gods because their gods were very cruel and unpredictable. They found that a lot of the time their land would flood, there was scorching winds, humidity was intense, etc. Egyptian gods on the other hand were very nice and good to them. As long as the Egyptians obeyed and worshiped, in which they always did. Then the gods were good to them

Compare the roles of women in Egyptian and sumerian?

egyptian had more rights

What has the author Michael M Fritz written?

Michael M. Fritz has written: '\\' -- subject(s): Gods, Sumerian, History and criticism, Sumerian Gods, Sumerian poetry