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work out evertday

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Q: How a women can increase her sex feelings and sex?
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What are sex enhancing drugs?

There are female stimulating gels that enhance sex. But there are also libido enhancers for men and women to increase sex drive.

You have no feelings of sex even also your penish not erect properly.I am married and I have two daughters. I can't abouse from my wife.My life is totally spelt. How can I increase sex power?

this is what have sex with your wife

What foods increase women's sex drives?

Foods that can increase a woman's sex drive include black raspberries, oysters, watermelon, chocolate, cocoa, avocados, pumpkin seeds, celery, figs, chillies and garlic.

What are there songs about?

Their songs are about sex and sexual feelings for the opposite sex.

Women and man sex?

sex is not classified as women and men sex. it is mutual relation between man and women. sex is not classified as women and men sex. it is mutual relation between man and women.

Does he still have feelings for you?

no and yes. some boys only want you for sex.[if ya'll were having sex]. and some really do have feelings for you!

What female hormone helps with sex?

Women with abnormally low estrogen levels may have problems with dryness with sex. Some believe that testosterone levels increase sexual desire. Other hormones do not "help with sex."

If a girl goes without sex can her testosterone level increase?

Yes, testrosterone level is directly related to libido or sex drive. It is present in women as well as men. As abstinance to sex grows longer, the urge to have sex (or the testosterone level rises).

At what age does a woman's sex drive increase?

A woman's sex drive is at its peak during her earliest years, from her teens to her mid-thirties, but there are plenty of women well into their sixties who are still sexually active.

Can you increase the volume of ejaculation?

slow and steady sex increase volume and avoid frequent sex

How do you know if your man is satisfy with you?

Whenever he's in a bad mood and your not trying to use sex to put him in a good mood cause women will think guys are easy to manipulate. Besides women always want to have sex whenever they want it just to give themselves more power but a man always gets rejected. Women never care about a man's feelings.

Does he wont you for sex or you?

Guy are not always honest about their feelings.