How To use Clutch In a Sentence?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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clutch means to hold or squeeze tightly


i clutched my chest when my cousin scared me

bob had to clutch the last piece of chicken so his brother wouldn't take it

you can find more examples online if these weren't helpful

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Q: How To use Clutch In a Sentence?
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What is a compound sentence for clutch?

The clutch purse is pink, but she forgot to clutch it tightly in her hand.He let up on the clutch quickly so I had to clutch the door handle.

What is a sentence for clutch?

The messenger died with the tablet clutched in his hands.

What is a sentence with the word clutch?

I had a lot of trouble fitting the new clutch cable to my car.

Could you make a sentence with the word clutch?

This team really pulls together in the clutch.

How do you use clutch in a sentence wrong?

There are many ways for this to occur, for example: 1. Lebron James in clutch. (This is simply not logical) 2. I can't believe the television already broke, it's so clutch! (Just for you Qais) I'll text u in a minute...

How can the word clutch be used in a sentence?

You didn't say which meaning you wanted, so here are a couple. He hit the clutch and shifted gears. The clutch of eggs is ready to hatch.

How do you drive an ATV clutch?

The same way you use a motorcycle clutch.

What is a meaningful sentence for the word clutch?

When Dee learned how to drive with a stick shift, the manual action of the clutch helped him move between the gears.

How often use the clutch brake in a semi truck?

You ONLY use the clutch brake when you're at a complete stop.

Do you have to use the clutch when shifting riding a dirt bike?

== At a low RPM it is recommended to use the clutch but at 3rd gear it is alright to shift UP to 4th without pulling the clutch.

What is clutch judder?

Clutch judder is a British term use to describe a clutch shudder. It is caused by the flywheel and the components of the clutch not meeting as they should. It usually means something has gotten on the surface of the clutch.

Do you need to use the clutch on motorcycles?

If you do not use the clutch to shift, there are a couple of parts that will eventually wear to the point of causing the transmission to drop out of gear. Given the cost of clutch replacement or gear replacement, you should always use the clutch. Similarly, you should not downshift (with or without the clutch) to slow the vehicle down. Use the brakes. Brake pad replacement is simple and inexpensive on most motorcycles.)