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To kill it you'll need a Squash in the front, a potato mine in the back where the imp is thrown, and a jalapeno somwhere in the lane.

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Q: How Do you Kill Gargantuar On PVZ?
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Why are there gargantuar's in pvz?

because they need a powerful zombie besides dr zomboss

Is it possible to kill a gargantuar with a squash in Plants vs Zombies?

Yes, you'll need two of them!

What is the giga gargantuar health?

225 or 50 persent more thn the normal gargantuar

Will the cheats in PVZ still exist in PVZ 2?

Yes. Cheat engine 6.6, 5.5, and 5.6.

Why is there bungees in PvZ?


Is there a game pvz 3?


How can you get money easily on PvZ?

The easiest way to get money on PvZ (Plants vs Zombies) is to do what is called \"gold farming.\"

How do you get infinite sun on pvz?

you can't

How to get 9999 sun for PVZ?

from the sun

How do you get no recharge in pvz?

Life's many mysteries

pvz or minecraft?


How do you kill gargantuan zombie in plants vs zomies?

a gargantuar is big. gargantuar is 2x to explosion like the cherry bomb,doom shroom,jalepanio,and potato mine use them to kill gargantuar or use the squash.But just use the potato mine really cheap.