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I had the same problem, as I understand you, my head and back ached. a neighbor advised me to buy a new mattress and everything will go away. I thought for a long time and decided. bought here yazing . com / deals / dreamcloudsleep /NilMat

how happy I am now! I've been sleeping like a baby for a whole month. They gave me a good discount. be healthy friend!

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Danila Matveev

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3y ago
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John Mc

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3y ago
wow !!! what a magic discount !!! Thank you so much!!!

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Q: How to fall asleep, otherwise with these events in the world the dream disappeared?
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When you wake up from a dream you find yourself crying as if in a dream. Is it a lucid dreaming or what?

No, lucid dreaming occurs while one is still fully asleep, but becomes aware that one is dreaming as the dream is taking place. Once one awakens, the dream, lucid or otherwise, has ended.

What do you do when you sleep?

You dream and breath when your asleep.

What is the different between your dream asleep and your dream awake?

some people belive that one cannot differentiate between dream awake and dream asleep but as a phylosopher, things done when asleep are imperfect while thing done when awake are perfect. Few days ago, i was reading an anonymous comment on the net there, the writer sited an instance that in his dream asleep, he was dialing a number and he missed out one, while in his dream awake, he dialed the numbers correctly.

I had an amazing dream and I want to have it again. How can I do that Is it possible?

Yes. No guarantees, but you can give yourself an instruction to have that dream. "I will dream about ..... tonight." Then focus on the dream before falling asleep, particularly in the in-between state just before falling asleep.

When you dream about someone were they thinking about you and do they think what you dream about?

when you dream about someone, they fell asleep thinking about you. they dont always think about what you dream about though.

What pokemon are affected by dream eater?

Dream eater only works on pokemon that are currently asleep. However, as a ghost type move, dream eater has no effect on normal type pokemon, whether they are awake or asleep.

When we all fall asleep, where do we go?

we go into a state of mine that never falls asleep while the rest of our brain is asleep we experience whatever stress or fear that is going on in your life and that is why if you have a breakup with your boy or girlfriend you dream something traumatizing to you or you dream that something bad happened to them, Or if nothing bad is happening in your life then you will have an amazing dream or a terrible dream because your in denial.

What is something pictured in your mind called?

You can call it a mental image if you are awake, or a dream if you are asleep. If you get this kind of vivid picture while you are in the process of waking or falling asleep, you might call it a hypnopompic or hypnagogic hallucination. Otherwise, it could be called an hallucination if it is connected with some pathological or drug related cause.

What happens when your asleep?

Usually you dream. You're brain is more active when it's asleep than it ever is when you're awake.

What is it when you dream you are falling and jump up?

This type of falling dream often occurs at the beginning of the sleep cycle. Sleep researches have suggested that it reflects the mind's resistance to "falling" asleep rather than having symbolic significance.

How do you dream?

you fall asleep and allow your subconscious mind to function naturally.

Why do you dream when asleep?

when you have nightmares it is just the brain playing tricks on you perhaps off something you thought off before you fell asleep