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can any body answer above question


Please read what you posted. You have not yet asked a question.

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Q: Hope this mail finds you in the best of Health and Good Cheer?
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Be of good cheer meaning?

it is a message of approval, encouragement or congratulation. Have hope, do not be discouraged, do not loose faith.

He who has health has hope and he who has hope has everything?

leaving in good health is having hope that all is well. you have the real joy and fulfillment to do what you want without thinking of health problems.

What do you do when your dad does not feel good?

poke him in the face to cheer him up then go to the doctors and get some medicine (hope this helps) MP

When was Hope This Finds You Well created?

Hope This Finds You Well was created on 2006-03-21.

How do you translate Cheer on the Cardinals in Spanish?

The word "Cheer on the Cardinals" in Spanish is Animar a los Cardenales hope that helped!

What are some good messages to write on a Happy New Year's card?

Happy New Year!May your year be filled with Health Happiness and awesomenessMay you have a year filled with Health Happiness and Hotties!I hope this year brings you everything that your heart desires ( because you rock!)I hope you have the sweetest year, filled with love and filled with cheer! Only the best things should come your way, every minute of every day!

Do you have pubic lice?

I do not have pubic lice. I hope you, too, are in good health.

How do you beat the end of hope on epic war 5?

you have to have good health and attack

Why is maintaining a good health important?

so you could be in good shape and you'll be happy:) i hope that i helped answer your question:)

How do you write a cheer up letter?

A cheer up letter is a letter you send to a loved one to cheer them up. Cheer up letter will often include kind phrases, reasons for the other party to cheer up, and motivational quotes and phrases.

Who finds the Cape of Good Hope? as "Cape of Good Hope" (Cabo da Boa Esperan&ccedil;a) because of the great optimism engendered by the opening of a sea route to India and the East.

Who plays cheerleading?

Absolutely no one. You don't play cheerleading. You do cheerleading. It's not a game. But hundreds of thousands of girls and guys cheer. andd you would actually ask "Do you cheer" or say "Yeah i cheer" Hope that was helpful.