Hey um My grandad is dad?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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biologically? your mama slept with her daddy.

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Q: Hey um My grandad is dad?
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What do you call your dad's dad?

Grandpa, Grandad, or grandfather.

What do you call your dad's dad's dad's dad's dad's dad's dad's dad?

6th great grandad.

Do you date your grandad?

Um I'm pretty sure that is gross and NO

Is Tom Brady Irish?

No his Dad or grandad is

Is Prince Philip Prince Harry's real dad?

No, Prince Philip is not Harry's Dad, he is his Grandad.

What were Beethoven's grandparents called?

His grandad was called Lodewijk van Beethoven. He was his dad (Johann)'s dad.

Who were the leaders of Baptist?

My mum, dad, mamma & Grandad... i am jesus :P

What was the dad's name on hey dad?


Is Louis Walsh Jedwards dad?

No he is not. He is Jedward's Grandad. By the way Jedward are FIT.

What is the word in Gaelic for grandad?

daideo ('daddo')

What does it mean when your name is followed by 11?

Usually not 11, but II. The Roman numeral 2. It means you have the same name as another member of your family, OTHER than your dad. If you and your grandad are both Bob Jones, you would be Bob Jones II. If you, grandad, and Dad all had same name, Grandad would be Bob Jones, your dad Bob Jones Jr, and you Bob Jones III.

What is the dads name off of grounded for life?

Sean is the kids dad and Walt is the grandad