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i can shake my head and wiggle a toe or finger i am 19 175 pounds 5ft 7in tall i take xanax 1 mg in morning 1 mg before bed i used to take douple that about six months ago since changing doctors since moving i have been on percocet 5 500 2 to 6 a day as needed for six month do to a car wreck i was in i am scared to sleep at night it has gotten worse in the last 2 weaks where my girl friend has to shake me out of it and i wake up all freaked out where i wont go to sleep i been on xanax for 4 years know if that has anything to do with it please help

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Q: Hello i would like to know if anybuddy has the problem i have when i lay down to goto sleep i fall directly alsleep but i am not really sleepin its like a coma i cant move i feel awake and i am aware?
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