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13bn771g729 shuts off when put in reverse

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Q: Have a mtd 13bn771g729 that all of a sudden stopped and now will not go forward or reverse. New belts.what is the problem?
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Would extreem clutch slipping in first but not reverse after a transmission rebuild indicate a worn out clutch or a problem with the success of the transmission rebuild?

If no forward or slipping forward suspect problem in the forward clutch and circuit. Reverse does not use the same applied components

1 My Plymouth Acclaim wont go into reverse it goes forward but not reverse. Whats the problem?

trans is slipping

Reverse goes out in 2002 blazer forward gears work what is the problem?

your problem is the transmission. you need to replace the transmission

Why does transmission pull forward with car in reverse?

If you mean the transmission itself shifts forward, it is because the transmission is suspended, so when the transmission is put in reverse gear the momentum will push the transmission forward. Now, if the car pulls forward when put in reverse, this means there is a transmission problem. This may just indicate the shift linkages need adjustment, or that the transmission has a major problem and needs repairing. Take it to a shop and have it checked.

Your Mercedes c280 will not go forward or reverse What could be the problem?

When a Mercedes C280 will not move in forward or reverse it is an indication that the transmission is going out or has already gone out in the car. This is true of all cars, not just a Mercedes.

Your 1995 Ford Escort GT will not reverse but has no problem going forward what would be the best way to find the source of this problem?

Bring to a transmission shop

In a 1984 Club Car cart move the forward reverse lever and sparks fly put in forward and the cart moves a little with foot off accelerator. Same with reverse. Is this a motor or a solenoid problem?

It's probably not a motor problem. What led up to the problem? Did it just appear or did someone work on the electrics and then the problem cropped up? Where do the sparks fly from? It may be a solenoid problem, but the symptoms reveal little.

Why wont my arctic cat 580 go in reverse and not forward?

Your arctic cat 580 will go in reverse and not forward because the reverse linkage is okay while the forward linkage is not.

Back end of car - car wont drive but will go in reverse?

If you have an automatic transmission, it probably has a forward clutch/band problem.

Why wont your jcb backhoe go forward only reverse?

Check your relay under the dash. My 1991 JCB did the opposite and that is what the problem was.

Your ezgo golf cart wont engage in forward or reverse?

has a full charge won't go forward or reverse

Safari van Reverse works drive doesn't?

If Reverse works and Drive doesn't in a Safari Van, the problem is in the transmission. The belts for the forward gears are either stretched too much or broken.